My marathon training blogging journey begins

I am currently training for a half marathon in February.  I’m hoping to finish in under 2 hours although I’m not actually expecting to do quite that well.  My runs lately have been difficult due to asthma from the colder weather and due to sore calf muscles (I don’t know why but it’s a recurrent problem).  I am quickly realizing that a sub 2 hour half may be too lofty of a goal for me this time around.  I completed a half marathon on October 7th and my time was 2:05:41.  I was expecting to finish somewhere between 2:10 and 2:15.  My friends didn’t even see me cross the finish line because they weren’t expecting me so soon.  I was extremely happy with my time and that is what made me decide that maybe I could finish in under 2 hours next time.  I’m still hopeful but I have a lot of work to do to cut off those 6 minutes.

After the half in February I will start training for my very first full marathon.  Eeek!!  This is part of the reason that I decided to start this blog.  I want to blog about my training for the full.  I will probably end up blogging about many other aspects of my life as well.  I have many interests and hopefully people will enjoy reading about them.  As far as the marathon goes I’m kind of terrified to do a full marathon.  For years I have told myself that I only have to do 5 half marathons and one full marathon in my lifetime.  I’m not sure why I decided this but I did.  I figure that 5 is just a nice number to stop at.  If I do more than 5 then I’ll feel like I have to do 10 before I can stop.  I chose one marathon simply because that is a big enough goal for me.  I don’t need to do more than one.  The half in February will be my fifth half marathon so after the full I will be done (if I want).  I’m already talking about other halfs that I might do so I expect that I won’t be stopping at 5 and instead will be resetting my goal to stop at 10.  I have never really enjoyed runs that are much longer than 15km.  In the past I usually didn’t train properly.  I would run about twice a week for all of the half marathon training and I never followed a program of any type.  The one time that I tried to join a half marathon running group I ended up injured.  Everything changed this year when I got my beloved iPhone.  I started using an app that had my runs scheduled 4 days a week.  It wouldn’t let me do less.  Apparently that’s exactly what I needed.  I felt like I was disappointing my phone if I missed a run and I have been running 4 days a week ever since (other than a break after the half).  I’m quite sure that this is why I was able to PR on my latest half marathon.  Training properly really makes a difference.  It is also why I am finally able to seriously consider doing a full marathon.  I’m still very anxious about training for it but I know that I can do it if I put my mind to it.  I have a couple of friends that will also being doing the full, as well as some that will do the half.  It will be nice to have people to train with and to go to the run with on the actual day.

Today I did my long run for the week.  I usually do it on the weekend but my calves were extra sore this past week and I was feeling kind of lazy and unmotivated.  I was fortunate to be able to run without getting rained on too much today.  I had thought that I might end up running on the treadmill today but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t raining this morning.  My run today was supposed to be 1 hour of running at an easy pace starting and ending with 5 minutes of walking.  I ended up doing about 12k and running for about 1:15 plus my 10 minutes of walking.  I felt good on my run today.  I love days when it’s not too difficult.  Tomorrow I’m supposed to do some speed work.  It’s a short run but I’m a little worried that my legs will be sore.  I’m babysitting my niece tomorrow so I’ll need to bring my gym stuff with me and go to the gym right after babysitting so that I don’t convince myself to take the day off.  Maybe I’ll even put my niece in the stroller (she’s 4 but she still fits and won’t mind) and go for a run with her.  I’ll see how the weather is.

Well, I think that I’ve written enough for my first blog post.  Hopefully I’ll keep up with this and continue blogging about my journey towards my first full marathon as well as all the other random things that interest me.

Now I’m off to go use the foam roller on my tight calves.

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