Christmas Decorating

Christmas Decorating

Last night I picked up a fake Christmas tree from a friend of mine. She got a new one this year and offered me her old one. I hadn’t planned on taking it because I didn’t want to buy decorations but then my mom offered me all of her decorations. So I lucked out this year with a free tree and decorations. Yay! The tree is a little pathetic but I think that it looks ok now that it’s decorated and it makes my place look Christmasy. I even wrapped the one gift that I’ve bought and put it underneath. Yes, that’s right, only one gift so far. Actually I’ve paid for two others but they’re coming in the mail. I had been up to four gifts until my mom went out and bought herself the exact same ipod dock that my sister and I had purchased the previous week. I’m hoping to get a good portion of my shopping done this week. I don’t actually have many people to buy for so hopefully I’ll be done soon.
I spent the day with my niece today. The sun was shining in the morning so we went to a couple of parks. It was nice to feel the sun on my face. I went straight from my sister’s place to the gym as I’d planned. My run today was a really easy one. It was speed work but most of it was walking. There were only supposed to be six 25 second sprints in between the walking. The total time was 29 minutes. I added a little more at the end though because that just didn’t feel like it was going to do me much good. I kind of like the program that I’m following because it does have a lot of really easy runs during the week. I’m often sore from the long runs and I really appreciate that the other runs aren’t very difficult. I followed my running up with some upper body work on the weight machines. Overall it was a pretty easy day at the gym.
When I got home tonight I decided to make some homemade eggnog. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy any eggnog this year but I’ve always wanted to try making it. I used a recipe that I had pinned long ago that sweetens it with maple syrup instead of sugar. I personally think that it’s delicious. I might take some to my mom’s tomorrow so that I can get a second opinion. I’m not sure if it actually tastes like eggnog. Either way I’m satisfied.
Tomorrow is going to be a tough day for me (again) to be motivated to get my run in. I always find that I skip my run on the days that I go visit my mom. I’m not totally sure why but it’s a habit that I need to change. Maybe it’s because she always feeds me and I don’t like to run when I’m full. I’ll try eating a smaller portion tomorrow and see if that helps me at all. Another problem may be that I often stay at her place late enough that I just want to go home instead of the gym. Maybe if I get to bed now I will be up earlier and get to her place earlier and then leave earlier. Tomorrow’s run is only 32 minutes (some of that is walking) so I really should have no excuse to get it done. Hopefully this blog will help me to be more accountable. Ok, off to bed I must go.

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