Stride Sensor

I got my run in today at the gym. I have been using a stride sensor for the past month and I’m not sure that I like it. It seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. I use the Adidas micoach app on my phone. I’ve been using this for a while now and I love it. I decided that if I was going to be running indoors on the treadmill a lot this winter that maybe it would make sense to buy the Adidas pacer bundle. This includes a heart rate monitor and the stride sensor. I thought that they would work alongside my phone and that it would make tracking my runs and data much easier. I think that I would have been better off to have saved my money and just used the info from the treadmill. It took me a while to figure out how to use the stride sensor and how to calibrate it. I was excited once I had that figured out. But it turns out that it doesn’t work with my phone app unless I buy yet another of their products. I’m kind of cheap and I don’t see why this should really be necessary so I’m mostly just annoyed to realize that the product isn’t going to do all that I had hoped. I still thought that it would be nice just to have the info tracked on my treadmill runs. Today I did an interval run. I had 5 mins of warm up walking followed by 4 sets of 1 min 30 secs running at an easy pace and 4 mins 30 secs running at a faster pace. I was supposed to finish with 5 mins of walking but I made it 15 so that I could watch the end of the show that was on. When I got home I synchronized my pacer only to find that I had run the faster parts of the run too slow despite the fact that it kept telling me to slow down. I had a feeling that it should have been faster but I wasn’t very sure about how fast I needed to be running so I didn’t worry about it. I wasn’t exactly going to complain at the time when the voice in my ear was telling me to slow down. Now I don’t know what to do. I guess I could just figure out the speeds that I need to be at on the treadmill and memorize them but then there wasn’t much point in buying the stride sensor if I’m not going to use it. I’ve already complained to Adidas about other issues I’ve had with these products and I’m tired of complaining to them. On another kind of related topic I’ve always been confused as to why all treadmills in Canada seem to be in miles. Why is that? Does anyone know? You would think that there would be enough demand in all of Canada for there to be treadmills that are in kilometers. I can’t convert from miles into kilometers accurately enough in my head to figure out the paces that I want while I’m running. My memory also isn’t great so I’m going to have to actually make an effort to memorize the paces in miles.
Tomorrow I think that I will take the day off from running. I still have a 40 minute run to do this week with 10 minutes of that being at a walk. I think that I’ll save the run for Friday and I’ll do two classes at the gym tomorrow instead. There is a weight class that I like to do (even though my bad wrist has been sore for the past couple of weeks from the class) and I think that I’ll do a spinning class as well. I really enjoy the spinning classes. I am quite a new gym member. I got a couple of free weeks at the end of October and signed up at the beginning of November. I figured that if I was going to train for a full marathon I had better make the winter training a little easier on myself. During my free two weeks at the gym I did as many classes as I could. I wanted to take full advantage of the time that I had there. Since signing up I haven’t been doing anywhere near as many as in those first couple of weeks. I would like to change that. I plan to make some alterations to how I do the weight class so that it hopefully won’t be so hard on my wrist and so that I don’t have an excuse to skip that class anymore. It’s a good class and I like it. I also need to be more disciplined about getting up early enough to make it to more of the morning classes. I’m not much of a morning person and I tend to dawdle in the mornings which means that I don’t make it to the classes that I had hoped to make it to. But I’m going to change that starting tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Stride Sensor

  1. Jack J says:

    Canada isn’t on the metric system. That is just a falsehood. The road distances and speed limits are in Km’s but that is it. All other measurements are basically imperial. Don’t believe me? What’s your weight? How tall are you? Would u like one or two pounds of wings.

    Canada needs a compaign to actually change over to the metric system once and for all.

    • kristy says:

      It’s true that we often don’t use the metric system although many of us can easily convert for things like weight and height. I still think that since road distances are in km’s then treadmills should be too.

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