Well I managed to get to the gym this morning and I did the two classes that I had planned on doing.  They were both great.  The weight class still hurts my wrist but hopefully I won’t be regretting it tomorrow.  The spinning class was really good.  I don’t know the instructors very well yet but this was the second time that I have done a spinning class with today’s instructor.  I really like her.  I find some of them make me push myself harder than others and this was one of them.  I need to know what is coming up and how much I have left so that I know how hard I can push myself.  If I think that there still could be a lot left I will always keep a little in reserve.  But if I’m told what to expect I’ll work extra hard to make sure that I get as much as I can out of the workout.  

This afternoon I had a riding lesson.  I used to own my own horse and I’ve been riding for a little over 20 years.  Since selling my last horse I have only been riding occasionally.  I’m happy with this.  The riding seems to be part of the reason that my calves hurt so much.  I guess standing in the stirrups with knees bent and your heels down with your weight in them for 30 minutes every couple of weeks can give you sore calves.  It makes sense but I still think that my body should adapt better.  Anyway, getting so much exercise today and being outdoors in the cold while riding made me very sleepy in the evening.  I went over to a friend’s house to watch some Christmas shows and was having trouble staying awake.  Tomorrow I have my 40 minute run and I plan to do my Christmas shopping.  On my way home from my friend’s house tonight I was listening to talk radio (yes, I’m a bit of a geek, I love talk radio) and they were talking about discipline.  I think that maybe I should heed the advice that they gave and start living a more disciplined life.  There are many areas of my life that could use more discipline including going to bed at a decent time. Here is a link to what I listened to tonight:  
I love his chosen definition of self discipline: The ability to regulate your conduct by (divine) principle and sound judgement rather than by impulse, desire, high pressure or social custom.
I think that a lot of people in the world today could afford to exercise self discipline more often.

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