An Amazing Children’s Christmas Musical

I woke up to sunshine on Friday morning so I decided to run outside.  I had a pretty good run.  My calves were less sore than I was expecting after riding on Thursday.  I ran pretty slow but I was supposed to do a steady, easy run so I was ok with it.  I didn’t have much extra energy but I knew that I could do a 30-40 minute run.  Yesterday I didn’t get any exercise (unless you count about 30 minutes of walking).  I haven’t been eating very great lately either.  I’ve been eating out too much and indulging in sweets too much.  Tonight I made some enchiladas to put in the freezer so that I don’t have as many excuses to eat unhealthy food and to eat out.  Last night I watched the ‘new’ version of It’s a Miracle on 34th street.  We were laughing at how we all consider it the new version even though it’s actually quite old since it was made in 1994.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched the whole thing in this version.  I’ve seen the old black and white version several times and I really like it.  I wasn’t nearly as impressed with the 1994 version.  But it was still a fun night.

Today I had the pleaure of watching the children’s Christmas musical at my church.  I love this kind of thing.  There were a few times when I was even tearing up.  I don’t know why it effects me this way.  The kids are just so cute and sweet.  I’ve had a chance to get to know a lot of the kids over the past several months since I started attending this church and I loved seeing them all acting.  There are some very talented kids at my church.  I wish that I had invited everyone I know to come and watch it but probably not everyone would have enjoyed it as much as I did. 

After church I went for a run with one of my friends.  Today was the long run for the week.  1 hour 25 mins is what I was supposed to do.  My friend was supposed to do 1 hour 30 minutes.  Neither of us are too picky about the length as long as it’s close to what we are supposed to be doing.  Before meeting up neither of us had been looking forward to the run.  She was tired and I was cold and worried that I would have stomach trouble because of the junk that I’ve been eating over the past several days.  It was cold and rainy outside and we were both expecting that we would be whining to each other and driving each other crazy for the whole run.  We headed out anyway and it turned out to be a great run.  I complained a little about how hilly the route was that my friend had chosen.  Even as I was complaining I was thinking that it was a good route and that we should do it again.  On the way back we both felt great and we even chose a slightly longer route back.  We ended up running 13.92 kms in 1 hour 33 minutes.  For a hilly route we thought that it was a decent time.

Tomorrow my plan is to do a spinning class in the morning and maybe a 30 minute run afterwards if I feel like running and have the energy.  Then I’m going to do some more Christmas shopping.  Hopefully I’ll get it done tomorrow.  I’m not very optomistic though since I still don’t know what I’m getting everyone.       

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