Christmas movies

I was talking to some friends today and they mentioned that the Christmas musical that they saw during the first service at the church on Sunday was not all that great. I’m not sure if I just don’t see the flaws as much as other people or if the first service really was a lot worse than the second. I think that maybe I don’t see the flaws. I just saw a bunch of really cute and talented kids doing their best to put on a great Christmas musical.
Yesterday I did a spinning class and then did a bit of work on my upper body on the weight machines.  I decided not to run.  I think that all of my bad eating has finally caught up with me because today I was feeling kind of lazy again. I had another riding lesson in the morning and then went straight to the gym afterwards to do my 30 minute run on the treadmill. I didn’t feel like running at all so I kept the speed kind of slow and didn’t worry about it. Some days just don’t feel as good as others. I increased my speed gradually throughout my run so that I was at the top of my ‘easy’ pace by the end. I did some more upper body and ab work afterwards because 30 minutes on the treadmill just didn’t feel like enough even if I wasn’t in the mood to work out. Tomorrow I plan to do a cardio kickboxing type class in the morning followed by a 45 minute interval run.  There is actually another class right after the kickboxing that I might do as well.  I’ve never done the class so I have no idea what to expect.  I don’t even really know what it is.  Hopefully I’ll have more energy tomorrow.  I still didn’t eat great today but maybe it won’t affect my energy tomorrow.  I haven’t had quite enough sleep the past 3 nights either so that doesn’t help much.  I’m heading to bed soon tonight so that I have one less excuse for laziness tomorrow.  At least I’ve still been going to the gym every day even if I don’t feel like it.  That was one of the reasons that I allowed myself to not run on yesterday.  I had a feeling that if I did my run on Monday I wouldn’t exercise at all on Tuesday (other than my riding lesson, which is exercise in case anyone doesn’t think so).  But since I didn’t run yesterday I had to run today or I’d be behind on my runs all week.  Then I would end up cramming too much in at the end of the week and I would be tired for my long run on Sunday.
The picture above is from Friday night. I helped take 10 middle school kids to a Christmas train. The lights were nice but overall it was kind of cheesy and probably better suited to younger children. I have to say that driving with four 11-13 year olds in the car is a crazy experience. Luckily, on the way back I ended up with only 3 and they happened to be the calm, quiet, mature ones. On the way there the kids that I had talked loudly non-stop and by the end they were even yelling out the windows. Maybe I should have made them stop but I figure if they aren’t doing any harm it’s best to sometimes just let kids have some fun even if it is embarrassing.
Tomorrow night some of the theatres in my area will be showing ‘It’s a Miracle on 34th Street’ (the old one). I’m looking forward to going even though I’ve watched both versions of the movie over the past few days. Can you tell that I like Christmas and Christmas movies? I don’t have cable because I rarely watch TV even when I do have it, but at this time of year I really miss it. I love watching all the Christmas movies and shows that are always on at this time of year. I keep thinking that I should start planning my runs for the evenings at the gym so that I can watch some movies. Maybe next week I’ll have a free evening or two to go to the gym.  I’ll have to check and see if there is anything good on.  Although I do enjoy the not so good movies as well.
What is your favourite Christmas movie or show?

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