This is the best cat in the world (according to me). My one friend calls him my angel. He showed up at the acreage where we were living at a time when I needed a furry friend to help cheer me up. My friend that I spent Christmas Eve and morning with this year gave him a toy for Christmas. He was playing with it in this picture. I think that he’s a little camera shy. He always seems to know when I’m taking picture or video of him and he stops doing what he was doing so that I can’t get the picture that I want.
Winston just showed up one day and never left. I was living with my friend, her husband and their two little kids on an acreage. I came home from college one day and heard a cat meowing. I looked and saw this big grey cat on top of the garage. I called him over to the edge and managed to reach up and grab him and pull him down off of the roof. I brought him in the house with me. We had some treats from another stray that had had kittens months before. We had given the kittens away after the mother disappeared. I gave this big grey cat some treats and let him wander the house for a while before putting him back outside so that he could go home. I thought that he must have a home and a human family somewhere. He was neutered and very friendly and well behaved. He stayed on the roof until I let him in again. Everyday he spent more time inside. I kept my eye on the mailboxes in the area in case someone was looking for him and had put a sign up. I never saw anything. I was pretty happy about that because he was quickly growing on me. Eventually I bought a litter box and cat food and then dewormer after I noticed that he had worms. Gross! I decided that the name Winston suited him and that was that, he became my cat. He has been with me ever since (about 9 years now I think). We’ve moved many times and he just takes it all in stride. He may be the most laid-back cat I’ve ever seen. My friend’s husband used to call him Garfield. He didn’t like cats but Winston got in his good books after he caught some mice in the basement. Winston is also probably the friendliest cat I’ve ever seen. He usually beats me to the stairs when he hears the doorbell. He loves people and assumes that anyone at the door must be there to see him.

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