Addicted to Sugar

Yesterday I had a terrible run.  I started out walking as usual.  It was a cold day so I was eager to start running so that I could warm up.  When I did start running I found that I was running really slow and didn’t feel like I could speed up if I wanted to.  At first I just assumed that I was stiff from the cold but I just kept feeling worse instead of better.  My legs were tired and sore, my calves were painful.  I ran the first 2km before I let myself take a short walk break.  I was supposed to be doing at least 1hr 30 mins.  I quickly decided that I would do the 6+km loop that I was on and go home.  I didn’t even run the whole thing.  I felt horrible and it never improved.  My stomach also started bothering me for the second half of the run/walk.  It was one of those runs that makes you never want to run again.  I always struggle after having a bad run like yesterday.   I can’t seem to convince myself that my next run will be better.  I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow night and hopefully I’ll manage to get a decent run on the treadmill to boost my confidence again.  I also made myself a massage appointment for Friday afternoon so that I can get a long run in this weekend.  I only have about a month until my half marathon!  I’m getting a little nervous. 

I’m not sure why my legs were so painful.  I have been having trouble with swelling in my legs and feet this week too.  I assume that it’s all related.  It’s probably from eating so poorly for the past few weeks too.  I don’t have very much junk left in my house so I am determined to change my eating habits very soon.  I watched the documentary “Hungry for Change” on Sunday with my mom.  It compares sugar to cocaine.  My mom, sister and I all agreed that it is like a drug and that all of us are addicted to it.  I think that I need to quit it ‘cold turkey’ again.  I tried to a month or two ago but I wasn’t determined enough and didn’t do very well.  I’ve been considering joining a friend of mine who goes to ‘overeaters anonymous’ meetings.  A lot of the time I do okay but lately my eating has been out of control.  I overeat and I can’t seem to resist the sugar.  I find it so hard especially because there are always people trying to convince you to eat things that are unhealthy.  It’s really hard to eat out as well.  Sugar is in everything!  But I know that getting off of sugar is what is best for me so I plan to do it.  I just need a few more days to mentally prepare myself and set things up so that I can succeed.  My plan is to make some healthy meals and put them in the freezer.  I also plan to get rid of all the tempting foods in my house.  I usually let myself eat dark chocolate but I may avoid even that at first until my cravings have subsided a bit.  I haven’t decided if I’ll avoid fruit and honey yet but I will most likely limit them.  I’d love to stay off of sugar permanently but I think that I’ll set myself a two week goal and then consider extending it.  My biggest struggle will likely be when I’m around other people.  It will be difficult to eat healthy when I’m not at home.  I need to think up a plan for eating well at restaurants or other people’s houses.  Hopefully I can stick to eating at home (or food that I’ve packed with me) for the initial two weeks while I get the cravings under control.  There is a little part of me that resists changing my diet now simply because it’s the beginning of January.  It’s silly because I would do this anytime that I feel my eating is out of control.  But I don’t want to be one of those people that changes things for a short period every January and then goes back to their old habits.  



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