Another unpleasant run

I had another terrible run on Sunday.  I met my friend and we were planning on doing 1:30-1:45.  It was raining but I really need to get some longer runs in so I wasn’t going to let the rain deter me.  I had a headache too but I took Ibuprofen and Tylenol before leaving and I hoped that it would help me to be able to run without too much pain.  I actually just read something today about how people shouldn’t take NSAID’s (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, ketoprofen…) before endurance exercise.  NSAID’s prevent the body from making prostaglandins.  One of the jobs of prostaglandins is to protect the stomach lining.  I actually had an upset stomach while running on Sunday.  I don’t really think that it was from the ibuprofen that I took but I will start paying more attention to when I take ibuprofen in relation to exercise and how I feel.  In addition to an upset stomach and a headache I also had really tight sore calves and tired legs on the run.  My ankle pain actually wasn’t too bad but the rest was more than I could deal with that day.  I tried stopping and stretching.  It helped a bit but overall I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be able to push through the pain.  I tried to remind myself of what I learned about pain in my workshop in December but it wasn’t helping.  I just didn’t think that I would be able to do the distance that we’d planned.  I was grumpy and frustrated and I knew that I wasn’t going to be very pleasant company on the run.  So I quit.  I left my friend and started walking and running back to my car.  Once I was on my own the emotions hit me and I started to get teary.  I was angry, upset, frustrated, disappointed.  I started thinking that my calves were never going to stop hurting me unless I stopped running for  weeks or months.  I worried that I wouldn’t be able to train for and complete the half marathon in February and then the full in May.  I felt like a failure and a wimp for quitting on both of my last two long runs.  Once all these thoughts hit me I tried to stop them and start thinking more positively.  I decided that I’m going to try to not worry about the full right now.  I will continue attempting to train for the half and the worst case scenario is that I’ll have to walk part of it.  That’s not the end of the world.  I’m still having trouble motivating myself to run.  I’m scared that my legs won’t let me or that they’ll get worse.  Tonight I’m going to the gym and I plan to run on the treadmill and then probably do two classes (a weights one and a kickboxing).  But if my legs feel awful I will do less.  I really hope that this pain and tiredness will ease off soon.  I was so optimistic that the massage on Friday would help but it didn’t really seem to do much.  I’m not going to give up.

I have been eating much better the past few days.  Sunday was my first day without any sugar.  I had a lot of cravings all day.  In the evening I had a smoothie and it seemed to help.  I’ve decided that I will let myself have fruit but I’ll try to limit it.  I will not let myself have honey or maple syrup or anything like that.   No chocolate right now either.  I’ve had to move all my dark chocolate to the back of my pantry because it was too tempting for me to see it all the time.  There will be times when I won’t feel like I can avoid things that have some sugar in them.  For instance, I am going for lunch with a friend on Friday.  I have no idea how to eat out without consuming sugar or other unhealthy and processed foods.  I decided that sushi was at least close to following the rules that I have set for myself.  I realize that there is sugar and other processed ingredients but I feel like it’s not quite as bad as other restaurant options.  I’ll do my best to pick healthier types of rolls as well.

When I read about people who regularly eat well and stay away from processed ingredients I always wonder what they actually eat in a day.  I’m always wanting to hear about easy foods to make and eat so that maybe I can add them to my diet.  I am going to attempt to include some examples of what I eat throughout the day so that hopefully it can help others to change their eating habits.  Most mornings I have one fried egg and one piece of toast with butter.  I’m considering switching to a poached egg since it’s healthier.  My other breakfast food is slow cooked oatmeal with a mashed banana and cinnamon.  I eat this with almond milk.  The almond milk isn’t really ideal but I don’t have a cow in my backyard that I can milk and I’m too lazy to make my own almond milk.  The rest of the day is sometimes just snacking.  I don’t necessarily eat lunch and dinner.  Some of the things that I might eat throughout the day are veggies and hummous (I need to attempt making my own again but it just didn’t taste as good as store bought when I tried it), enchiladas, pasta, trisquit or ak mak crackers, apples and bananas with almond butter, peanut butter on rice cakes (I only buy Lundberg brand because all others are disgusting), smoothies, tuna mixed with hot sauce and avocado and maybe a little sugar-free mayo if it needs more moisture, cheese (sometimes on my tuna and toast and broiled in the oven to make a tuna melt), broccoli with feta cheese, veggie lasagna, avocado with cilantro and salt on toast.  I probably should be eating more veggies than I do but I don’t really like veggies very much.  I try to disguise them in other foods whenever I can.  The last time that I made enchiladas I added spinach and squash to them so that I would eat more veggies. 

I got my textbook today for the course that I’m going to be taking.  The course starts on Thursday.  I’m kind of looking forward to it.  I’ve already read a few pages in the text and plan to read some more before Thursday.             

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