snowshoeingI wrote this post a few days ago and had thought that I’d published it and it was out there in the cyber world for all to see.  But something obviously didn’t go as planned because it appears that it was still just a draft.  So here it is.  I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow or Saturday to post the one that I wrote today.  I’m not very good with technology.  If something can go wrong it usually does.

Before my long run yesterday Sunday I was feeling really discouraged.  I’ve had too many runs lately that haven’t gone well and I’ve missed too many runs on my schedule.  So far at that point I had only completed only 3 of my 8 scheduled runs!  Part of that is laziness but a lot of it is because I didn’t feel like my body could handle it.  I don’t mind running with sore muscles but the way my legs have been feeling lately is not the same as normal muscle pain.  So, I had been been skipping most of my runs.  When I have so many bad days I start to just expect all my runs to be bad and then I can’t motivate myself to get out and try again.  Yesterday Sunday I decided that I needed to take the pressure off of myself to run the whole half marathon as well as the full.  I still plan to do my best but I am allowing myself the option of walking part of them.  I was finding it too stressful to think about running.  I just wanted a break from it all.  So I went out for my long run with no expectations.  I could attempt running and then walk my loop and come home or I could run up to 16kms if I wanted to.  It ended up being just over 12km.  I was so happy with that.  It’s the longest run I’ve managed in weeks.  I felt pretty good too.  My ankle hurt with every step but it hurts when I walk too so I’m getting pretty used to that pain.  My calves protested a bit but not nearly as much as last week.  I feel like maybe I will be able to do this after all but I’m still leaving my options open.  I’m going to try to get back on track with my runs this week.  With all the white stuff outside I’m thinking that I’ll be on the treadmill for a few days.


On Thursday I went snowshoeing with my dad and his girlfriend.  It was a beautiful day and the views were gorgeous.  We didn’t make it all the way to the top but we came close.  I was a little concerned for time because I had my first class that evening.  I also was a bit of a chicken about the downhill parts.  The last bit to the top was quite steep and I was concerned about going back down.  My snowshoes are not very good and they are quite slippery so I don’t have much confidence going either up or down hills with them.  Sometimes I wonder if I would just be better off without them.  Maybe next year I’ll look into getting a better pair.  I used to borrow my dad’s snowshoes a lot because they’re much better than mine but that’s not really an option when I’m snowshoeing with him.

My class went well on Thursday.  I think that I will enjoy it.  I expect that it will push me out of my comfort zone a lot.  Last week we had to sit knee to knee with someone and look at them for about a minute.  It was really awkward.  It helped me that I could tell that the girl that I was paired up with also felt really awkward and uncomfortable.  Afterwards, we discussed how we felt and what we were thinking during that time.  I think that the exercise was supposed to just make us aware of personal space and eye contact etc..  It was interesting.  There are only 17 of us in the class.  It looks like it’ll be a good group.  I have a lot of reading to do before the next class.  I’m glad that I read ahead in the book as soon as I got it.

I’ve been doing quite well staying off of sugar.  The cravings haven’t been bad at all the lately.  Friday was difficult but that was only because I made cupcakes to take to the middle school event.  They smelled so good!  I made myself a smoothie to drink while I was making the cupcakes to help me resist the temptation.  There were six mini cupcakes leftover and I put them straight into the freezer when I got home.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with them.  I also allowed myself two pieces of 85% dark chocolate when I got home that night.  I figured that I deserved something for not caving into the sugar filled cupcakes.  I’ve had small amounts of sugar like that at times but for the most part I’ve been very careful to stay away from it.  I haven’t been cooking very much but I’ve been eating tuna melts, fruit with almond butter, eggs, crackers, veggies, hummous, bread.  I’ve noticed that I eat a lot more of all the food groups when I get rid of sugar.  I don’t really know what I filled up on before but now my diet is a lot more balanced.  I think that eating more veggies also helps with the cravings.  For a couple days I wasn’t eating many veggies and I found that I was craving sugar more on those days.

I’ve probably mentioned before that I love my church.  One of the many reasons that I love it is that it has free organic produce and bread out front every Sunday.  They get the leftovers from a couple of different places and it is free for anyone to take.  Since I don’t have a job right now I’ve been trying to cut back on all of my costs.  I’ve decided that I will wait and see what free produce I get on Sundays and then I will make a meal with what I get.  Last week it was zucchini and carrots.  I ate the carrots with my hummous and I made latkes with the zucchini.  This week I got parsley, pumpkin and ginger.  I decided that I would make a pumpkin ginger soup.  I’m not normally I big soup eater but I had amazing pumpkin carrot soup at a kibbutz in Israel last may and I had been wanting to make pumpkin soup ever since.  My soup doesn’t taste nearly as good as the stuff that I had in Israel but it’s still pretty yummy. I’ll have to try again before I post a recipe.

I picked up a free breadmaker last weekend.  So far I’ve made three loaves of bread.  The first one was cinnamon raisin and the second was honey whole wheat.  The cinnamon raisin ended up kind of doughy in the middle and way too dark on the outside.  The honey whole wheat is great.  I’ve been toasting a slice in the mornings to eat with my egg and I love it.  I’m happy that I can now easily make my own bread now and control what is in it.  I can make bread with a little bit of honey instead of sugar and no preservatives.  My only complaint is that I don’t enjoy cutting it into slices.  I can’t keep them straight and I make a mess with crumbs all over the place.

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