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I love being a Canadian. I think that I live in a beautiful country and I love the diversity. Someone commented on one of my other posts about how Canada is not really on the metric system even though we say that we are. It’s true. We use kilometers on our roads and celsius for temperature but otherwise we use mostly the imperial system. If you ask me how much I weigh I will tell you in pounds but if I’m filling out a questionnaire and it asks for my weight in kilograms I won’t have any trouble figuring it out. The same with my height. I find that Canadians are pretty good with a lot of things like this. When I go to the states I have to remember to ask where the ‘restroom’ is. When I’ve asked where the washroom or bathroom are people have looked at me with blank stares until either they figure out what I mean or I remember to translate. In Canada we understand that restroom, washroom, bathroom and even the loo are all the same thing. When I was in San Francisco I asked someone where to find the cutlery and they had no idea what I meant. I actually was temporarily at a loss for how else to describe what I meant without specifically saying forks, knives and spoons. Thankfully someone else came to my rescue and suggested silverware. In Canada we also spell things more than one way and generally consider both correct. For example colour and color, counselling and counseling, neighbour and neighbor, behaviour and behavior. I like this about Canada. Maybe it means that we don’t stick to one thing, maybe we’re too inclusive, maybe we can’t make up our minds but I like it anyway. I like the versatility.

I got my sparkly soul headband in the mail the other day. I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to stay on my head (headbands NEVER do) and that someone would ask me how it worked since I’d posted about winning the giveaway. I’m pleased to say that I love it and that it does stay on my head.I tried it out at home right away and was surprised that it felt secure on my head. That night I wore it to the gym, but I kept bobby pins in my pocket just in case. I ended up doing a run and a yoga/Pilates class. It stayed on the whole time. That’s pretty impressive because I was even adjusting my ponytail so that I could lay my head flat on the ground during the yoga class. I wore it again yesterday for my run and it didn’t move at all. I love it. I highly recommend sparkly soul headbands to anyone that has trouble with headbands staying on. I plan to order a few more. Some for me and some for gifts. The website is if anyone wants to check them out.
I think that my running issues are improving. I have had several decent runs in a row now. They aren’t without pain but the pain is tolerable and doesn’t prevent me from running. I’m going to try to do 15k on my run this weekend and then hopefully 18k the following weekend. That will allow me to have an easier, shorter run the next weekend and then it will be half marathon time! I think that I’m going to be able to run the whole thing and I’m really excited about that. I have no plans to PR and I’m ok with that. I just might have to do another half in the fall to try to get that sub 2 hr half marathon that I want.
I was talking to someone last night about how I have cut sugar and all highly processed foods out of my diet and that my decision had a lot to do with how awful I had been feeling and all the pain that I had been experiencing. She asked me if it seemed to be helping. The funny thing is that I have been feeling better but I hadn’t stopped to consider why. Maybe it really was all the junk that I was putting into my body that was making me feel so awful. It makes sense. I had hoped that cutting it out would help and I knew that it was a healthy choice even if I didn’t notice a big change in how I feel. I am pleased to realize that maybe it really is making a difference. Hopefully this will help me to continue to stay away from all the processed junk that I’m exposed to all the time.
My second class went well last night. I’m actually really enjoying the course and I like my classmates. Last night during part of the practical portion of the class we had to sit across from someone again. One person had to talk for 3 minutes about any subject they chose. The other person had to sit and listen. They could acknowledge that they were listening but they weren’t allowed to ask questions or say more that a couple words. Then we switched. The listener was now the talker and the talker was the listener except our instructor threw something else into the mix. She told us that neither of us were allowed to use any body language. No facial expressions or other body movements. I highly recommend trying this some time with a friend just for fun. I was the talker this time around. I found it really uncomfortable to talk to someone with a blank face who wasn’t responding at all to anything that I was saying. It was also really difficult to talk. I found myself trying not to be monotone but I couldn’t express myself vocally very easily without also using body movement. My tightly clasped hands would let my thumb twitch and my feet kept trying to move, my head would tilt and my eyebrows would lift. It took so much concentration to keep still that it was hard to concentrate on what I was trying to say. Our instructor had told us that 80% (or more) of communication is body language. That seemed high until we did this little experiment. It was fun and it was interesting to learn how much everyone uses and relies upon body language.

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