My longest run to date

Yesterday I did about a 24km run.  I travelled 24.9 kms but about 1-2k of that was walking.  I have never ran further than 21.1km so this was a big deal for me.  I procrastinated heading out for my run all morning.  I had all my stuff ready to go but it still took me about an hour after I was ready to actually get out the door.  I was fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day with a temperature of about 10 C.  It was windy though so that made it feel a little cooler.  I think that I’ve mentioned before that one of my main issues for my long runs is deciding where to go.  I am surrounded in steep hills so unless I want to do steep hills I have to do laps of the flatter areas or drive to another destination.  Yesterday I decided to start with 8k of hills and then do the flatter areas for the rest of the run.  Basically the first 4k was mostly downhill and then I had 4k uphill.  The rest of the run was on my regular somewhat hilly routes.  I found that my knees were sore almost right from the start.  They never did stop hurting but they also didn’t get worse.  I’m assuming that it was the hills at the beginning that aggravated them.  My left ankle is doing way better.  It still hurts with every step but it’s barely noticeable anymore.  Yay!  The run was long and not particularly fun but I’m glad that I got it done.  I ran really slow.  With my walking I averaged a 7:15km.  It took me 3hrs.  I’m sore today but I can walk downstairs forwards without hanging onto the railing so I don’t think that I did too much.  That is how I judge how sore I am.  If I can walk down the stairs forward with some pain but without help then I pushed myself just the right amount.  When I got home I made myself a smoothie (banana, pumpkin, coconut milk, greek yogurt, water, ice, pumpkin pie spice) and had a quick ice bath.  I’ve never tried the ice bath before but I was hoping that it would help my muscles a little.  I’m not sure if I did it right or if I stayed in long enough.  Man was it cold!!  I couldn’t breathe and my feet were hurting from being so cold.  Next time I might try what my friend does and get in the bath and then turn on the water and then add the ice.  At least you can slowly get used to it then.  I didn’t try my homemade electrolytes on this run.  I had stopped in to a running store on Friday and bought a vega gel and a vega electrolyte to try.  The gel was hard to swallow.  It was kind of grainy.  The taste was ok but the texture was gross.  I ended up putting some in my mouth and then water with it and swallowing it like it was a pill.  It worked.  My stomach was totally fine for my run.  Yay!  I changed my breakfast back to what I used to have and I’m wondering if it helped.  I had recently been eating a piece of toast with butter and a fried egg with seasoning salt.  Yesterday I had whole wheat banana pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup.  I certainly prefer the pancakes.  They are so yummy.  I’d stopped having them when I went off of sugar because I was worried that the maple syrup would cause me to have cravings for more sugar.  I think that I’ll freeze the leftover pancakes and just have them on the mornings of my long runs.  I’m sure that I can use the extra sugar on those days anyway. That will keep me from getting into the habit of having maple syrup every day for breakfast as well. 

I’ve been having some trouble with knowing what is best to eat while training for this marathon.  I want to stick to not eating processed foods but people seem to think that I’m crazy and that I NEED to be consuming whatever they recommend.  The woman at the running store wanted me to eat a bagel for breakfast.  I’m not sure why a bagel would be that much better than my toast.  She also recommended taking electrolytes up to 2 days before my long run.  It’s so hard to know what is best.  Everyone is different but I’m not willing to eat processed foods.  The vega gels and electrolytes might be the closest that I’ll get.  I didn’t look too closely at the ingredients on the back of the gel but I think that it’s the best option of the ones that I have looked at.  I’m taking a food safe course on Tuesday that is next door to the running store so I think that I’ll pick up some more gels and electrolytes.  I do still want to try my homemade electrolytes at some point. 

After my run yesterday my right ankle, yup that’s usually my better one, was horribly painful.  I was hobbling around the house all night.  It’s a sharp pain.  Sharp pains concern me.  I think that it’s the same problem as my left ankle though.  I think that both are from the muscle up the inside of my calf/shin.  Both sides are very painful to touch.  I keep trying to massage them but I can’t cause myself that much pain.  I’m going to have to really stress to my massage therapist that he needs to work on those spots the next time that I go in.  I wish I knew why those spots have been getting sore at all and how to prevent it. 

I’ve mentioned a few times that I work with middle school kids at the church.  Today after the service the middle school leaders got together to discuss how things went.  We do this every week.  As the other leaders were talking they would mention specific kids and what they had said in their group.  The first kid that was mentioned I thought to myself ‘I really like him/her’.  Then the next kid I did the same thing and then the next one.  When I realized that I was thinking that for every kid I was amused.  I really do love all of those kids.  They are smart and funny and goofy.  They have moments where they seem really mature and they totally understand what we are discussing and then other moments when they are just so young and innocent and cute.  I love the way they think and how certain things stand out to them.  I love hearing about the ways that they are trying to improve themselves and challenge themselves.  Middle school is a great age to work with.  I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to see these kids as they grow up and to hopefully help to make growing up a little easier for them. 

I made myself a homemade pizza tonight.  I was craving pizza last night and actually considered giving in to the craving and ordering myself a pizza.  But instead I told myself that I should wait and make one tonight.  So that’s what I did.  I caramelized some onions to put on it.  I also used spinach, artichokes, orange pepper, mushrooms, feta cheese and mozzarella cheese.  I made a whole wheat crust too.  It turned out not too bad.  It’s not as good as store-bought/restaurant but it’s my first attempt at a homemade pizza so there is room for improvement.  I also made 2 loaves of honey whole wheat bread this weekend.  I think that I’m actually getting worse at making bread.  I read up on bread making last night and decided that maybe I needed something more acidic in my bread and that is why it doesn’t rise quite like I feel that it should.  So I added some vitamin C crystals to the loaf I made today.  It doesn’t look any better than the last loaf that I made.  I think that I’m going to have to just try a totally different recipe next time.  Maybe it’s not me.   


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