Maybe marathon training isn’t so bad after all

I might be starting to actually enjoy marathon training!  It’s probably a little early to say that but my last 2 runs have been really good.  I did almost 28k on Friday and it felt really good.  My mom rode her bike with me for part of it.  She actually left me quite a bit to ride faster on her own but it still really helped a lot to have her ride with me for chunks of my run.  I had originally planned on doing 2-3 nice easy flat loops near my mom’s place but there ended up being a detour that forced me to go up a very steep hill.


You can see hear that I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was straight uphill.  After that detour I decided that I would do an out and back instead of loops.  I didn’t want to have to do that hill 2-3 times.  Although honestly I didn’t mind it too much.  Sometimes I enjoy hills just because they offer variety and they work my muscles a little differently.  They also make the flat feel way easier.  But for a long run I wanted to save my legs from too much stress.  It was a beautiful day on Friday.  The sun was shining and I had gorgeous views of water for almost the entire run.  I loved seeing the sun reflecting off of the water.
scenery pp

This picture doesn’t do it justice at all but it’s the only one that I took.  My mom had phoned me to find out where I was so I took advantage of the fact that I had my phone out of my armband and could take a picture.  It was a nice temperature for running too.  At first my hands were cold but then I was a perfect temperature in my capris and long sleeves.  There were times when the wind was really blowing and it got a little chilly but it was later in the run so I stayed warm enough.  My body felt great for this run.  Right from the start I had a feeling that it would be one of my better runs.  My ankle pain was almost non-existent, my calves felt great, my knees were good and even my back was pretty good.  My stomach also felt great.  I took my vega gel at 9k and then had some raisins at 18k.  After the raisins I needed a bathroom so I think that I’ll stick to the vega gels from now on. It’s still hard for me to believe that I ran for over 3 hours and not only didn’t hate it at all but kind of enjoyed it.

On Saturday I went for a short flat bike ride with a friend.  We were only out for about 45 minutes.  Last year we usually did 2hr bike rides with hills but this year I’m being a wimp so far.  I’m scared that I’m going to overuse my legs and end up injured.  If my legs continue to feel good I’ll probably be willing to slowly do longer and harder rides.  But don’t tell my friend.  I keep telling him I’m not doing anything difficult until June so that he won’t try to make me do more than I feel that I should.

I took Sunday off.  I had planned on doing a short run, 20-30 minutes, but it never happened.  I was tired from the time change and getting home late the night before.  I also often have trouble running after church.  It’s partly because I’ve already had my shower that day and I don’t want to redo my hair.  It’s not a very good excuse since I could just put it up and not get it wet but I still like to use that excuse a lot.  Today I did a 12k run.  It felt good.  I love the fact that 12k no longer feels like a long run to me.  I noticed that I was running a little faster because I knew that I could maintain that pace for the whole 12k.  When I do my long runs I always run slow and conserve my energy but for 12k I didn’t feel the need to worry about it.  This is part of what I’m loving about marathon training.  The other thing that I’m enjoying is the mental part of it.  I both love and hate how difficult it is.  I know that I’m going to be extremely proud of myself if and when I complete the full.  I feel like running is controlling my life right now.  I think that it has to because training for a full is a huge committment.  I like that I am able to get out and do my runs even when I don’t really want to.  Sure I still skip the odd one but it’s usually the easier runs that I figure won’t matter as much.  I’m kind of happy that I’m not working right now because I have no idea how people work full time, train for a full and have any spare time for everything else that they need and want to do.  I did send 5 resumes out into the abyss today though so I’m still making an effort to get a job.  It feels like the abyss is where the resumes go because I rarely hear anything back from anyone.

On Saturday night my friend and I watched the new Anna Karenina movie.  It’s definitely one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen.  I read the book last year and didn’t like it much at all.  I should have just given up on it but I kept expecting that something would happen that would make it exciting or interesting so I read the whole thing. Nothing exciting or interesting ever did happen.  So, needless to say, I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy the movie but I wanted to see it anyway.  My friend hasn’t read the book so he didn’t know the story line at all.  At the start of the movie I only knew what was going on because I had read the book.  My friend had no clue.  Throughout the movie I explained things to try and make it make some sense to him.  If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie I don’t recommend either.

I was going through some of my papers today and came across an old car repair bill from the fall.  It turns out that they had replaced the ignition coil in the fall as well as last week.  Hmm.  I might have to switch mechanics after I get this sorted out.  Something like that should still be under warranty and the mechanic should have noticed it.  They also failed to notice that I had three burnt out tail lights until I asked them if they’d replaced them for me when they did the oil change.  My alternate mechanic is much closer to my home anyway so I won’t mind changing at all.  I’m going to go in tomorrow with my bills to talk to the mechanic and try to get my money back from last weeks repair.  I hope that they don’t give me any trouble.

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