The first 20-30 minutes of my long run last week was very snowy.  As I was preparing to go out for my run it started to hail.  I expected it to stop quickly and thought that I could probably wait it out.  But, I was wrong, the hail turned to snow.  So, I changed into more suitable clothes and out I went to run in the snow.  It was cold out there.  My hands were freezing right away.  I only had to do about 20k that day so it almost felt like a short run to me.  I still can’t believe that 20k isn’t a big deal to me anymore.  The picture below was taken the day after my run in the snow.  Crazy weather.  It has been sunny and between 10-15C the past several days.  Winston has been very happy because I have been allowing him supervised ‘freedom’ in the backyard.  He tries to go under the fence to the neighbour’s yard but has been very good to stop when I tell him not to.  I wish that I could let him out unsupervised but I’m pretty sure that he would leave the yard and there are too many dangerous things that could injure the fat and out of shape cat that he is.  My friend gave me some fresh catnip to take home to Winston on Friday so that’s what I’ve been using to get him to willingly come back indoors.  He has a bit of an addiction to fresh catnip.  I have to keep it outside in the BBQ whenever my friend gives me some or Winston goes crazy trying to get to it.       


I did my long run for this week today.  I felt pretty good after having the shorter run last week so I thought that my legs should be able to handle doing the run a couple of days earlier.  It is supposed to be nice all weekend and I’m really hoping to have a chance to finally do some skydiving.  I don’t want running to take up a day that could be spent in the sky.  My friends all have extra time off this weekend too since it’s Easter so I wanted to have more free time to do stuff with them.  I did a 26k bike ride with a friend on Sunday and I’m kind of hoping to do another one this weekend if possible.  

My run today went well.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and warm but not hot and with a very slight wind.  I was a little cool when walking but perfect when running.  I chose a different route today.  I ran mostly downhill for the first 6k, then did about 17k on flat ground, went back uphill 6k and then past my starting point finishing on mostly flat ground.  I ended up running about 32k total.  I had been hoping to do 33k but since I had quite an elevation change I decided that my legs would appreciate not doing that extra 1k.  My right knee was hurting quite a bit at the end and it was getting difficult to run (or walk) so I think that it was a good decision to stop at 32k.  I had an ice bath when I got home and I just finished icing my knees again.  I have a massage appointment tomorrow that I think I’m going to really appreciate. 

Tomorrow is my last counselling class.  I’m kind of sad.  I’m actually going to look into taking some more courses over the next few months if I can.  I also may have decided what I want to be when I grow up.  I mentioned before that I would love to do something with health, healthy eating etc..  I’ve been looking into it and a registered holistic nutritionist sounds like it is exactly what I would enjoy.  As I was reading the course descriptions I was getting excited.  I still need to research it a lot more but I’m leaning strongly towards starting the program in September.  My main concern is money.  I’m a little concerned about the cost of all the schooling that I dream of doing but I’m also concerned about whether I’ll be able to make enough money when I’m finished.  I may have to work part time for more than one place or I may need/want to start my own business.  I also don’t actually know what they charge for their services.  But it is something that interests me and that I think that I would really enjoy.  I feel relieved just from having a possibility in front of me.  It can get stressful being unemployed and having no idea what you want to do about it.  

My volunteering was a really great experience for me again this week.  There was a youth group that was helping out this week so we had a lot of extra people.  Because of all of the extra people I ended up without a specific job.  At first I handed out some cards for a free breakfast this weekend but then I just ended up standing around awkwardly.  The guy that was kindly pushing me to pray with people two weeks ago came over so that he could start pushing me again.  I prayed with a couple of people with him and then he would just point people out to me and I would go introduce myself to them and ask them if I could pray for them.  I have always had trouble going up to people and talking to them.  I don’t like going to parties because I feel awkward and I get even more shy than normal.  It is something that I have decided I need to work on but I haven’t done anything about it yet.  I think that this volunteering is going to help me with this.  The people that I approached were all very kind to me and I never regretted going up to them.  Some of them let me pray for them and some didn’t.  I talked to some for a while, others I prayed for and then they left, and others just politely said no thank you and went on their way.  But no matter what I am building relationships, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and developing new skills and abilities, I am getting comfortable with praying out loud in front of people…  When I went for my volunteer orientation session back in the fall I really felt that I was in the right place.  I felt that this was where (and when) God wanted me to volunteer.  Now I’m starting to see why.  I love it when I can catch glimpses of why things may work out the way that they do. 

I’m not doing much to celebrate Easter this weekend.  I will go to church on Friday and Sunday but that is about it.  I have almost always had to work on Good Friday so I’m happy that I’ll be able to go to church this year for a change.  My mom is doing an Easter dinner on Monday but I’m supposed to be volunteering so I won’t be able to make it.  I feel kind of bad especially since it is just my mom and her boyfriend and my sister and her kids but I’ll also feel bad if I don’t keep my commitment to volunteering. 




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