My longest pre-marathon run is done! Yay!

On Sunday I ran my longest training run before the marathon on May 5. It went better than I was expecting. I’ve been experiencing some pain in my right knee and I was worried that the run would be too much for it to handle. I’m pleased to say that I’m still able to walk. I decided before my run that I would walk down all of the steep hills because downhill seems to be hard on my knee. I think that it made a big difference and made it so that I was actually able to do the full run. I ended up running about 36km but not all of that was actual running. I walked the 25th and 26th kilometers because my stomach wasn’t feeling great and I didn’t have a washroom coming up anytime soon. When I did try to start running again my stomach ended up being totally fine for the rest of the run. I took quite a few walk breaks but overall I am happy with how the run went. I feel mostly ready for the full and I feel confident that my knee will hold up as long as I’m careful with it. I may end up having to walk some of the marathon on race day but I’m ok with doing that if it means that I won’t end up injured. My hope is that I won’t feel the need to walk and that I will be able to run the whole thing (not including when I stop to take my gels). My dad has offered to drive us to the start in the morning if we want him to. He is also planning to watch from the sidelines and cheer me on. It will be nice to have the support. My dad has run several marathons himself so he knows what it is like and what to expect. I think that my mom may also be at the finish line. We finish within a few blocks of her apartment.
This weekend I plan to run about 20k on Sunday (or maybe Monday). I’m kind of looking forward to that distance. I should probably try to get a couple of new audiobooks out from the library because the latest one that I started is not very good so far. I’m saving the rest of Pride and Prejudice for race day. I’ve read the book and seen the movie many times (several versions of it) and I love it. It should be a good race day book because I won’t be concerned if I miss parts due to too much outside noise.
I’m not expecting to have any trouble with tapering. I know that most people have trouble with it but I’m kind of lazy. I always have reasons for running less. Even in the past few weeks I’ve really cut back due to my concern over my knee. My runs during the week have been very short. So, tapering for me may not really seem too much different than what I did leading up to my long run this past weekend.
I was in a course on Monday when the bombings occurred at the Boston Marathon so I didn’t hear about them until the evening. I really don’t understand why people do things like that. The world is so messed up. I’m glad that they caught the second guy alive today. Hopefully he will be able to answer some of the questions as to why he would do such a horrible thing. I honestly don’t think that I’ve actually felt the full impact of what happened. I don’t have cable so I didn’t see any of the news coverage. I read a few stories on the internet and listened a bit on the radio but I was spared any gruesome scenes on TV. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for all the people that were there. I’m sure that the runners had many conflicting emotions. I just hope that somehow the good in people will shine through. There is a lot of good in the world and it’s horrible that a couple of people can needlessly cause so much pain and suffering.
I skipped out on one of my volunteering nights this week. I had a headache and I was really sore from my run. My headaches can get bad and I find them really draining. I decided that I probably wouldn’t be much help with the way that I was feeling. I miss it now though. It feels like forever since I was there and I’m looking forward to being able to volunteer again next week.
I have two job interviews next week. One is for working on election day. It is just one day of work but the pay is pretty good so I’m hoping that the interview will go well. I assume that they are just screening people to make sure that they aren’t crazy. The second interview is for a meter reader job. The job sounds ok but I will need to use my own car for the job. That is my biggest concern about the job. My car is old and hasn’t been running all that great lately. A new car is not in my budget and I don’t really want to be putting a tonne of kms on my car and risking having it die on me. I have no idea what I will do if I need to get a new car. So, I have mixed feelings about the interview and about whether I actually want the job.
I have been experiencing some insecurity about my weight during this marathon training. I am actually fairly comfortable with my weight right now but for some reason I’ve been worrying a bit about what other people think. Many people know that I’m training for the marathon (because I talk about it all the time and I make sure to tell everyone that I talk to as well as post it on facebook somewhat regularly). People also know that I try to avoid sugar and other processed ingredients. When you put these two things together you would think that it would result in a skinny person. I’m not a skinny person. I’m not a fat person either but I do have some extra pounds. So, I worry that people hear about my lifestyle and wonder why I’m not skinnier. I worry that they’ll think that I’m lying about what I eat or how much I exercise. I don’t waste much energy worrying about these things but I’m surprised when they pop into my head. I find it interesting and I like to try to analyze my thoughts and where they come from. I haven’t come to many conclusions on this one yet but I’ll continue to pay attention to my thought process and to what the reasons are behind my thoughts.
I have been finding it quite easy lately to avoid processed food and sugar. I haven’t been craving sugar much at all and I don’t feel deprived at all. It’s so nice when my brain switches from craving things to just feeling indifferent about them. I still do crave chocolate regularly but that’s probably because I let myself eat chocolate every day with no guilt. I do still need to add more veggies into my diet but I’ve been making an effort. I signed up for a ‘Love your greens 30 day challenge’ a few days ago. I don’t actually really even know exactly what it is but I figured that if it makes me eat more veggies it should be good. If it seems too ‘diet-ish’ I’m not going to do it. Doing something that feels like a diet will only make me want to cheat on the diet and then I’ll end up eating junk again.

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