How do people manage to work full time?

Last week was a really busy week for me. I had 4 days of training on a new job and it was exhausting. Apparently I’m no longer used to waking up before 5a and going to bed after 10p every day. I had trouble staying awake every single day of the training. It didn’t help that it was mostly classroom information and very little hands-on work. The training unfortunately landed on a week when I had stuff to do every single night. But I’m glad that it’s done and that I can go back to my usual life of a fake retired person. The job is for temporary on-call work and it sounds like they don’t actually have much work right now so I’m not expecting to get called in much (if at all). Back to job hunting this week. 😦
I have been really laid-back about my running lately. Last week I only ran twice (partly due to time constraints). I have been working on my speed a little but I’ve also just been taking it easy. I don’t think that I’ve run more than 7k at a time since the half marathon. Since my next race is only a 10k it’s been kind of nice to concentrate on something other than distance. I think that I’ll probably do a 10k sometime this week just so that I don’t get too into the habit of only running 5-7k.
I did some more skydiving today. I did 2 jumps and neither one was by myself. It was so nice to jump with other people again. The first jump was a little disappointing. By the time we got up to 8000 ft we were starting to get into the clouds. We had been expecting to go up to 10000 ft so we weren’t too happy to find out that we would have to get out so low. It was still a fun jump though. The girl that I was jumping with has about 60 jumps but is quite a bit more experienced (and confident) that I am. We were working on staying at the same level and at moving toward each other. We had planned to fly around each other as well but ran out of height to get much done. Overall it wasn’t a very successful dive as far as what we had planned to do but I knew that it would be difficult for us with our experience levels. We still managed to come close to docking (flying to each other and grabbing hands) so I was happy that we at least almost did one of the things that we’d planned. I had a great landing on that jump as well. For my next jump I decided to pay for a coach to come with me. I need to get my A License and there are things that I have to prove that I can do so that I can get it. The jump went really well. There is always room for improvement but overall it was a success. I did everything that I was supposed to do and it was a lot of fun. I’m glad that I decided to do the coach jump because it made me realize that I’m actually not as bad as I had thought that I was. The coach took video of the jump and went over everything with me afterwards so that I could see where I had done things well and where I could improve or do things differently. I’m going to start making more of an effort to find people to jump with me so that I can start improving a little faster. I do have things that I want to work on now though even on my own. The next time that I jump I’m also going to be doing a different landing pattern that I’ve been avoiding doing since last year. Apparently when it comes to skydiving I’m a little resistant to change. I’m also going to start using a smaller parachute. I’ve been doing well with the big huge parachute that I’ve been using so I feel fairly comfortable finally moving to a slightly less huge parachute. If everything goes well with this other parachute then I’ll be moving onto an even smaller one after that. Hopefully we’ll have some good weather this week so that I can go out and do a few more jumps.
Tomorrow I’m doing a 5k walk for arthritis with some friends. We are doing it in honor of a friend of ours who passed away last year. She suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis all her life.

These beautiful strawberries are growing on my porch.

These beautiful strawberries are growing on my porch.

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