I have many interests and things that I love.  I am a runner, skydiver, horse rider, aunt, sister, daughter, friend, snowshoer, hiker, biker (as in bicycle not motorcycle), baker, Christian… and the list could go on and on.  I try to be a healthy eater.  Most of the time I’m not nearly as successful as I’d like to be.  I don’t believe in eating sugar, food colouring, GMO foods, highly processed foods…  but I often eat many of these things.  I even do a lot of baking with a lot of sugar.  I’m still working on matching what I believe in with what I actually do.  I’m planning on blogging about the things that interest me.  I will probably focus a lot on running/exercising and healthy eating because I hope to help motivate others to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am currently training for my 5th half marathon in February. After the half I will start training for my first ever full marathon in May. I’m a little terrified but also kind of excited that I will hopefully soon be able to say that I’ve completed a full marathon.


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